With heartfelt thanks to our dedicated SPONSORS and SUPPORTERS, all our PARTICIPANTS, and POLONIA OPEN FANS...
POLONIA OPEN TENNIS is thrilled to announce our SUMMER SWING 2023 Champions!

Men's Open Champion
Marcin Drzal

Men's Open Runner Up
Rafal Siudzik

Amateur Open Champion
Andrzej Jonak

Amateur Open Runner Up
Rafal Kowalski

Doubles Champions
RD Ferman and Marcin Drzal

Doubles Runners Up
Jacek Glowania and Julia Glowania


After nearly ten years of the annual Polonia Open Tennis Winter Tournament in Florida, we were faced with a new challenge. Many players who followed the Tournament wanted to participate -- but were not available to play in Florida in the Winter. And, at the same time, many of our active participants enjoyed the experience so much they wanted a second shot at the title.

In 2010, with the overwhelming support of Polonia Open's players, sponsors, fans and friends, the tournament's organizers created the Polonia Open "Summer Swing", our first amateur summer tennis tournament in New York City... at the prestigious USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center! Thanks to the support of the Polish-American community, over 300 people attended the tournament's closing ceremony!

Over the years, Polonia Open Summer Swing has grown in size and popularity. The goal of our Summer Swing Tournament is to popularize tennis in the family and community in the New York City area -- and maybe one day discover another Federer. As a result of the enthusiasm of many for this exciting new tournament, we now have on our calendar permanent Winter and Summer editions of the Polonia Open!


The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is perhaps the most prestigious venue in American tennis, hosting the US Open Grand Slam tournament each year since 1978. And since 2010, it has also been home to the Polonia Open Summer Swing Tournament! This facility is the largest public tennis facility in the world! To learn more about the center, visit the USTA web site, USTA.com.

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